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THIRSTY The Duck is leading a citizens effort to increase Wisconsin's Waterfowl Stamp revenue for Wetlands Conservation.

How you can help our Wetlands and wildlife.



The price of the WI Waterfowl Stamp has not been increased in over 20 years. WI DNR reports, in 1978 the $3.25 stamp generated over $400,000 in it's first year for habitat work. TODAY the $7 stamp raises approximately $350,000 for projects in Wisconsin and $170,000 for projects in Canada.  



Hunters required to purchase stamps to hunt waterfowl - have been the primary purchasers of duck stamps. Declining hunter numbers, inflation, increasing project costs and greater management needs have resulted in several wetlands & waterfowl habitat projects not receiving funding each year. 

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Who is to Blame ?

Outdoors Radio with Dan Small, an interview with THIRSTY The Duck, Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp

For the past several years, Wisconsin legislators have BLOCKED a sportsman supported increase for the WI Waterfowl Stamp. 

Let’s stop this POLITICAL BLOCKADE in Madison !

 There is still a fighting chance, “We all must do what we can, while we can- to help our wetlands”! 


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Three pin-backed buttons 1.50" diameter and conservation cards  which explain the importance of Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp Revenue.

thirsty the duck

The official representative of all his wildlife friends in the outdoors, THIRSTY first met the public as the symbol for WETLANDS FOR WILDLIFE at Wisconsin State Fair Park in 1961.  

Now THIRSTY is back and he's busy with a big public relations job - telling the wetlands story, how they are disappearing and why they must be protected and preserved. Today, not directly affiliated with any government or non-government organization - THIRSTY is rallying a "citizens effort",asking everyone who cares about the outdoors and nature to buy duck stamps every year.

THIRSTY's Start in the 1960's

DUCK STAMPS - For All who Care about the Outdoors & Nature

 Anyone with a love of nature and the outdoors should know that the purchase of a "Duck Stamp" is something that will benefit more than ducks.  

Many of America’s best birding locations would not exist or would be much smaller if not for Federal Duck Stamp revenue.  Every birder and outdoor enthusiast should buy a duck stamp every year.  It is surely one of the cheapest and most effective avian conservation purchases YOU can make and it can be made annually.   

As an added bonus, Federal Duck Stamps are tiny works of art and allow free admission to any National Wildlife Refuge that charges a fee.

Wetlands Benefit all of us !

Wetlands for Wildlife, Wetlands benefit all of us.

Wetlands provide critical habitat to our wildlife friends, help purify water, aid in flood control, reduce soil erosion and sedimentation, and enhance public enjoyment of outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Federal Duck Stamp

Buy Federal Duck Stamps

One of the easiest ways that anyone can support wetland protection and habitat conservation is by buying Duck Stamps - among the most successful conservation tools ever created to protect habitat for birds and other wildlife.  

Federal Duck Stamps are conservation revenue stamps; 98 percent of the purchase price goes directly to help acquire and protect wetland habitat and purchase conservation easements for the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Federal stamps sold here
Duck hunter on marsh

Buy Wisconsin Duck Stamps

Waterfowl stamp funds have been providing opportunities for waterfowl management and hunting in Wisconsin since 1978. 


67% of stamp revenue is used in Wisconsin to develop, manage, preserve, restore and maintain wetland habitat and for producing waterfowl and ecologically related species of wildlife.  The remaining 33 percent is used for the development of waterfowl breeding areas within Canada which will provide waterfowl for this state.

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